Interesting things to do in London

If you are planning your trip to London, there are plenty of things you should see and do here. This lively city is a popular tourist destination where millions of tourists come each year to see the London Eye, Tower of London, National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, Westminster Cathedral, Hyde Park and Wilton’s Music Hall amongst numerous other hot spots. If you will travel accompanied by a gorgeous escort from, she will be your guide and you will explore together some of the best things to do in London.

Be spontaneous in London

Spend your vacation in London and you will never be short of things to do and see. Stroll on the shores of the river Thames, photograph the Houses of Parliament and see the Tower Bridge, but keep in mind that this city is more than meets the eye and will offer you more than the popular tourist attractions. If you are longing for something a bit different in London, you should head to James Smith & Sons’ Umbrellas. You will need an umbrella indeed, so why wouldn’t it be a stylish one?

The finest umbrellas are sold here along with animal head umbrellas and walking sticks. Stroll between rows of gorgeous umbrellas and choose a model because you will definitely need it if you will stay in London for several days. Venture to Canary Wharf and visit one of the most interesting sculptures in city, the traffic light tree. The eight metre tall tree created by the French sculptor Pierre Vivant features 75 fully operational traffic lights that are computer controlled, but it is purely decorative and stands out because of the lack of vegetation around it.

Have an unforgettable adventure with a beautiful lady and explore The Tropical Gardens In Barbican. A tropical oasis of plants, birds and exotic fish will be found in this residential estate built in the brutalist style which houses a museum, school and labyrinthine arts and conference venue. After a delightful stroll in this hidden garden go to Get Stuffed, this macabre place where you will see plenty of creatures stuffed. In case you do not manage to get an appointment, you can still view the exotic stuffed animals on display – a giraffe’s head, a lion and a few creepy looking foxes.

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Stop for a meal at the restaurant Trois Garcons in Shoreditch only if you have a strong stomach. This place is literally piled high with animals, hybrid creations and mythical creatures that will fascinate you while you will try to enjoy your food. Other interesting things you can do in London include visiting the Skateboard Graveyard, climbing 311 narrow stairs to get to the top of the Monument or serving a drink in the hidden bar found in the main Benugo Bar.

Whether you visit what most tourists wish to see in London or you decide to be spontaneous and explore all these unique experiences, London will not cease to astonish you. Visit this noisy city accompanied by a charming lady and rock your world with these interesting things to see and do!